Advantages of Getting Obesity Surgery in Mexico

One of the Latin America’s medical tourism pioneers, Mexico’s weight loss procedures are popular among obese people who are living in a country where obesity treatments are quite expensive and who are either uninsured or do not have enough money to pay for their treatment.

The skyrocketing costs of weight reduction procedures and long wait times to get the treatments are the major factors that led to the increasing popularity of weight loss surgery in Mexico. The ease and affordability of treatments, as well as the state-of-the-art technology and international level standards of pre- and post-surgery care in Mexico have contributed to the country’s exploded popularity.

Obese patients can receive a whole host of procedures including gastric bypass surgery, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, lap band surgery, gastric banding or the gastric sleeve at a price that’s way lower than the cost of these treatments in the first world countries like the United States, Canada and European nations.

Each year, a multitude of medical tourists from around the world throng Mexican hospitals and clinics to avail cheap yet excellent quality obesity treatments in order to get rid of their excess body weight.

Be it restrictive weight loss surgery or combined restrictive/malabsorptive surgery procedures, virtually all forms of body weight reduction procedures in this newly industrialized country are available at fairly less prices, even after airfare, treatment costs and lodging and dining expenses are taken into account.

Some top-notch Mexican hospitals are dedicated to the treatment of obesity, offering surgical options for morbid obesity and obesity-related diseases and conditions at a standard that is either at par or even superior when compared with the Western countries.

Using the most advanced technology and surgical equipments available, bariatric surgeons in leading Mexican hospitals can help you shed those unwanted extra pounds.

Some prestigious hospitals in Mexico are affiliated to various organizations like the Health Council of Mexico and Joint Commission International.

Many of the physicians and surgeons at Mexico have received their training in prestigious Western universities and are also certified by the international medical boards. Mexico is the world’s most populous Spanish-speaking country; still most of the medical and nursing staff at the reputed hospitals can speak English fluently, making it convenient for the international medical tourists to converse freely with the staff.

Another advantage of getting obesity treatment in Mexico is that waiting time for scheduling any surgery in Mexico is almost nil. Foreign medical patients, who often dread facing long waiting lines to get healthcare services in their native country, can flock to Mexico to avail any kind of treatment in a timely manner.

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